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As the summer winds down next week, I am planning to take time away from my computer to sit outside and relax with a stack of books. My book group is meeting here on Wednesday night, and we are discussing ONE ITALIAN SUMMER by Rebecca Serle. As it takes place in Italy, it was selected for some armchair travel. I read it a while back, and I feel like I need to do a refresher.

I read somewhere that last Thursday was the last time that sun would be in the sky after 8pm in the New York area. Yes, the days of summer are being whisked away.

You can just about guarantee that it will rain or be overcast the night of August 30th as I am hosting book club at my house. We will be talking about ONE ITALIAN SUMMER by Rebecca Serle, with a goal that we virtually can be swept away to Italy. Last month when we had book group here, we had a torrential storm a few hours before we met. Luckily the couches that we were going to sit on were covered. We want ONE gorgeous night where we can discuss the book IN the pool!