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David McCullough was on "60 Minutes" Sunday night, and during part of his commentary, he spoke about how many children do not know history today. I realize how much I have forgotten, or know only from facts in history books. Over the last week I read The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin, which will be published on January 15th. It is historical fiction about the life of Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I knew about Lindbergh’s famous flight and the kidnapping, but little more. Thus, this became a fascinating look at a man through the eyes of his wife and who I now see as less of a hero than I previously thought. It, like all good historical fiction, has prompted me to want to read more about the Lindberghs, and I have a reading list compiled. We will have more on this book in the months to come. (By the way, my husband and son, the latter of whom was a History major, both were surprised I did not know the “real” Lindbergh.)