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While some book groups plan a few months or even a year in advance, my book group falls in the month-to-month selection category. Sometime towards the end of our very laid-back meetings, someone chimes in and asks, "What are we going to read next?"

This month we met on Zoom. So as this question came up, I twirled over to my second computer and started flipping through some of our recently reviewed titles and my Bets On selections looking for ideas. We just had read two memoirs (GOING THERE and TASTE), so we ruled out doing another. We already had read Fiona Davis and Marie Benedict, though one member would vote for Marie every month!

How can we be just two weeks into January? I feel like it should be at least mid-February. I think being on Omicron alert has made these days feel very, very long. Somehow the word "Omicron" keeps making me think of a video game character bouncing around the screen, like Pac-Man trying to catch us.

My book group is pivoting to Zoom next week as we talk about our latest selection, TASTE: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci. I would have so loved to cook something for the group for this event, but alas I will turn on the ring light and log on. I am curious: Are your groups back to meeting in person, or are you meeting remotely? Shoot me a note and let me know!