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Next week is BookExpo, the industry’s annual trade show where we will be doing our annual Book Group Speed Dating event on Friday afternoon, June 2nd. We have 24 publishers participating, and more than 100 fall/winter titles that are “perfect for book group reading” will be presented. Above are links to just three books by authors who you all know that are forthcoming, to give you a taste of what you can look forward to. By the time our next newsletter goes out, we will have links to all the publisher presentations on our site so you can start planning ahead.

When we left off, I was headed to a book group event where Min Jin Lee was going to be talking about PACHINKO. I was not joining a book group for this discussion, but rather it was a Pop-Up event put on by Jean Hanff Korelitz, whose BOOKTHEWRITER program I have been telling you about. It was held at the home of Min’s agent, Suzanne Gluck. I knew none of the other guests, but it did not matter. We all had a common bond with the book. Jean started off the conversation talking about the story, and then we delved into Min’s research.