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After being here, there and everywhere for the last few weeks, it’s nice to be back home. I walk the aisles on airplanes as I cross the country and look at what people are reading all the time. I saw some eReaders, but not as many as I was thinking I would, considering the constant conversation about these devices. I sat next to a lovely woman on the flight back from Orlando on Saturday. In the course of chatting, we realized we had grown up three blocks from each other! Pretty funny. She was a year older than me, but we had a lot of shared memories. When we were talking books, she mentioned a few that she had read. I asked if she had read The Help. She told me she had not heard of it. Interesting moment for me, who is surrounded by books and authors all day, and thinks that everyone knows about The Help. Of course, on the flight down to Orlando, I sat with a woman who had ME pulling out a pen and paper to take notes on the books that SHE was talking about. Bookish conversation…such fun. And informative. By the way, on our sister site,, we have a poll question asking about at what price point you would consider an eReader. You can chime in here.