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My suitcase is unpacked. I know that does not sound like a big deal, but after three conferences in five weeks, it’s a big feat for me. I still have piles of paperwork to go through with notes for ideas for our websites and a huge number of emails flagged for attention and follow-up, but having my suitcase unpacked is quite nice, like I am rooted here for a bit. It took 10 days since the last jet-lagged return to get unpacked. Instead of unpacking, I wanted to READ, sleep eight hours a night, and cook some nice dinners, all of which I never get to do on the road. I also wanted to eat some meals that required utensils after weeks where I was hitting multiple cocktail parties a night swigging down mineral water with lime (my secret to staying on top of my game while on business trips is not drinking liquor or wine) and finger foods.