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In the last newsletter, I mentioned how laid back our group is, which means I do not have to fuss to entertain them. That's a very good thing!

For last week's meeting, after a very hectic day, I raced to our local garden center just as they were closing and picked up two pies (of course, I think I have six homemade ones in the freezer, but I did not have time to defrost and bake). I found wine glasses, plates and napkins (and in case you were wondering, they all were turquoise), and set a dish of pretzels on the coffee table on the deck. During the day, it had drizzled for a couple of minutes, and I quickly had pulled the chair cushions inside. Now mind you, we have had no rain all summer. Every storm has circled around us. So I brought the cushions back out and was all set for a terrific discussion. Just as we all sat down and began chatting, we started to feel some raindrops. Then more. And then we realized that there was no way we were going to be able to sit there through the storm.

I am hosting my book group on Wednesday night. What I love is that hosting this group does not mean that I am doing a lot of work; these women are neither fussy nor judgmental. Hopefully the weather will be nice, and we can sit out by the pool...or maybe in it! We will be discussing THE TOBACCO WIVES by Adele Myers, and I am hoping that as I read it, there will be inspiration about something to serve. I considered having Adele join us for this meeting, but if we are floating in the pool during the discussion, that is not going to work!