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Archives - March 2012

March 27, 2012

Eileen Goudge on Marriage

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Bestselling author Eileen Goudge has always been fascinated with discovering people's motives. In her new novel, The Replacement Wife, she asks a difficult question --- what would you do if you were told you had only six months to live? --- and weaves it into a story of love, family, and fate. Here, she reflects on the experience that inspired her to write this story and shares some of her philosophy about marriage, life, and love.
Claire Bidwell Smith lives in Los Angeles with her husband Greg Boose and their daughter. Claire is an experienced therapist specializing in grief and the author of THE RULES OF INHERITANCE, her new memoir about the death of both her parents when she was a young adult. This book was reviewed on and is one of our Bets On picks. In this post, Claire discusses her decision to take a nonlinear approach to her memoir, and she also shares her own experiences with the five Stages of Grief.
March 13, 2012


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Kate Alcott was a reporter covering politics in Washington D.C., where she and her husband still live. Here, she talks about her inspiration to write The Dressmaker, her new novel.
Renowned journalist and former concert pianist, Leila Cobo is a native of Cali, Colombia, the Executive Director of Latin Content & Programming for