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Archives - April 2014

April 29, 2014

Luncheon - 4 - Literacy and the Girls of Atomic City

Posted by emily
A few weeks ago, Anna Robinson, one of our readers, shared with us that she and her book group attended Oak Ridge, TN’s “Lunch – 4 – Literacy” --- an annual event that raises money for literacy. Anna's group contributed $1,280 toward literacy, and were a part of over 400 people attending the event. Here, Anna shares details about the “social event of the year,” including highlights and an appearance by Denise Kiernan, author of the bestselling THE GIRLS OF ATOMIC CITY.
 As the winners of the contest selected  to have dinner with Robyn Carr and discuss her latest book, FOUR FRIENDS, The Spinebreakers book group had their monthly book club meeting last Friday evening at The Monaco Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Joining Robyn, who was a wonderful host for the discussion, was her daughter Jamie. FOUR FRIENDS touched on many different subjects, and it was difficult for the group to talk about them all while containing their excitement at having the author sitting across the table from them. They were trying their best not to cause Robyn to resort to taking a big dose of Dramamine as they were lobbing question after question at her from every side of the table and, heaven forbid, asking numerous questions all at the same time.