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April 5, 2019

Virginia is for Book Lovers

Posted by tom

Suzanne Leopold enjoys reading and finding that great book to share, which she does on her blog, Suzy Approved Book Reviews. Suzanne attended this year’s Virginia Festival of the Book, which took place in Charlottesville from March 20-24, and was kind enough to write about her experiences for us and share photos from the event. Not even a broken toe kept her from getting the most out of her weekend there!


The Virginia Festival of the Book is held every March in Charlottesville. This year I decided to attend because my son started his freshman year in nearby Williamsburg. I thought this trip would be a great way to combine my love for books and family!

This event is held in a beautiful location with the backdrop of the University of Virginia. The venue is small, providing great access to authors, and generates an intimate feel. I was impressed by the breadth of talent and the ease of shuffling between presentations. The downtown area where the festival is located is very convenient, and quick breaks can be spent at fun restaurants and local coffee shops.

Among the panels that I attended:

“Enduring Heroines in Historical Fiction” with Janet Benton (LILLI DE JONG), Camille Di Maio (THE BEAUTIFUL STRANGERS) and Sarah McCoy (MARILLA OF GREEN GABLES), moderated by Caroline Preston.

“Cautionary Tales: Fiction from the Not-Distant Future” with Christina Dalcher (VOX) and Adam Nemett (WE CAN SAVE US ALL).

“Literary Luncheon with Lisa See” at the Omni Hotel

“Contemporary Appalachia in Fiction” with Robert Gipe (WEEDEATER), Mesha Maren (SUGAR RUN) and Tim Poland (YELLOW STONEFLY).

“Vivid Tales of Connection and Loss” with Abigail DeWitt (NEWS OF OUR LOVED ONES) and Ed Pavlić (ANOTHER KIND OF MADNESS).

My one setback for the weekend occurred when I broke my toe stumbling in my hotel room. The local clinic provided a mundane walking boot that wreaked havoc on my wardrobe. I didn't let this hold me back, though, and still managed to keep to my schedule while making time to tour the local campus.

I plan to make this an annual event. I would recommend this festival to book enthusiasts who are looking to get access to great authors.


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