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December 17, 2010

Tweet Your Book Love #FridayReads

Posted by Dana

twitterimage.jpgDo you remember when a tweet was the sound a bird made and hash was something you ate for breakfast?

I have to admit I Tweet.  But it's one of those things I do without fully understanding why I'm doing it or what it's really all about.  Kind of the way I am with working (heh heh).  But seriously, people go on there and say random things in 140 characters or less and other people see it - or they don't see it. Then these others (ususally strangers) either comment or they don't comment.  I appreciate the brevity, certainly, but isn't the whole thing a little like talking to yourself or worse yet, talking to strangers (which I for one was raised not to do)?

Alas - I know this Twitter thing is all the rage, so I press on.  Trying to follow more people, get more followers and generally understand what the whole thing is about.  And just when I was starting to get the hang of it, along came hash tags.  You know, that's when people put the # sign before a word so that other Twits (Twitterers??), can talk on a common topic.

Okay - so now it's like a bunch of Twits can talk and not listen or maybe listen and answer or not answer on the same topic at the same time.  Sounds kinda like my family.  But I digress again. 

With hash tags, I am finding that I can actually get something meaningful from Twitter.  If I find a hash tag on a topic I am interested, I can go back and read what everyone is saying and possibly pick up some real gems.  Kind of like shopping at a discount store.  Lots of junk on the racks, but some good stuff there too.

So that brings me to my point... #FridayReads.  This is kind of a fun hash tag that was started by @TheBookMaven where every Friday, people tweet what they are reading using the hash tag #fridayreads.  And then the results of the most popular reads are tallied on a blog at:  It's like the New York Times Bestseller list of the future.  But better because anyone can participate.

So if you tweet - tweet #fridayreads today and every friday.  And if you don't tweet perhaps you should think about it.  Or maybe just give it a try.  It's free to join and (even though I still don't entirely get it) a bit addicting!

-- Dana Barrett, Contributing Editor (You can follow me on Twitter at @DanaHBarrett or follow the Reading Group Guides tweets at @ReadingGGuides )