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December 15, 2010

Authors Share Their Stories of Giving and Receiving

Posted by Dana

AuthorHolidayBlogs300x80.gifAt this time of year, our thoughts turn automatically to giving and receiving.  How can they not?  We are bombarded with emails and commercials both online and off that tell us what to buy and remind us to hurry up and buy it. 

But the retail portion of the holiday is fleeting.  The presents are unwrapped and fun is had by all but mostly by the next year (or perhaps even the next month), it's not what you got (or gave) that you remember - but who you were with. 

And the stories that really stick with you over the years have way more meaning than any shiny new object ever could.

This year, is doing a special feature where throughout the holiday season your favorite authors are sharing their stories of giving and receiving.

Authors Elizabeth Rosner, Helen Simonson, C.J. Box, Anne Perry and Anne Fortier are among the many featured and there is a new post each day, so check back often for the wonderful stories!

-- Dana Barrett, Contributing Editor