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March 23, 2009

Book Clubs in the News

Posted by carol
Occasionally we highlight news articles about reading groups and related topics. This round-up illustrates the wonderful diversity of book clubs and the different reasons people come together...and highlights two groups that have shown some serious longevity and are still going strong.

The Apex Herald: Book Club Driven By Passion for Reading
Former North Carolina health services worker Valerie Nicholson runs an award-winning book club for teens.

Asbury Park Press: Book Club Encourages Parent-Child Discourse
Seven mother-daughter duos talk about books and more at a New Jersey reading group.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Plot a Book Club Success
Do tough economic times enhance the appeal of reading groups? The M's & Them's Celebrating 30 Years as a Book Club
Meet the M's & Them's, a Canadian book club --- what has held them together for three decades, what makes a good discussion book, and how they got their unusual name. Great Minds Read Alike
A fist fight first brought together the founding members of a men's book club in Canton, Ohio, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a black-tie gathering.

Globe and Mail: B.C. Group Keeps Things Down to Earth
For this Vancouver, British Columbia, book club, members must have some acting skills --- or at least a sense of humor.

Globe and Mail: The Sound of Books
Meet the inspiring members of an Ottawa book club for the blind.

Muskogee Phoenix: Tasty Treats for a Growing Book Club
Members of an Arizona book club --- launched in November 2008 and with a whopping 20 members --- share why they've made it a priority to have fun along with thought-provoking conversation.

Valley News Dispatch: Bookends Expands Minds and Social Circles
The Pennsylvania reading group Bookends was launched for 20-somethings as an alternative to the bar scene.