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November 21, 2008

Books and the Holidays

Posted by carol
There's something magical about giving and getting books during the holiday season. A favorite of mine has had a place on my bookshelf for many years: a well-worn copy of The Night Before Christmas given to me in 1961 and inscribed with a message from my aunt and uncle.

Coming across this beloved book inspired a feature we're bringing readers on the blog. Over the next several weeks, authors will be sharing their favorite stories of giving and getting books at the holidays. We begin today with Mary Higgins Clark, and we'll have a different story each day.

I am hoping their stories inspire you and your fellow book club members to create your own holiday magic with book giving this holiday season --- and to put a book or two on your own holiday lists.

What's your favorite memory of giving or getting a book during the holidays? We'd love to know if you'd like to share it in the comments section.