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February 9, 2008

Welcome to the Blog

Posted by webmaster
A few months ago I realized that while we update monthly there always is news, interesting tidbits and ramblings that I want to share with our readers throughout the month. I also recognized that over the last eight years since we launched this website we have come to know a very interesting group of readers, authors, book club facilitators, librarians, booksellers and publishing contacts who have shared their own ideas for what make a reading group something that gives people both joy and satisfaction.

I wanted to give these people an opportunity to share their book club insight and wisdom on this site beyond the features like our interviews and our message board. Thus we are starting this blog. Throughout the month we will hear from regular contributors and special guests. The regular contributors will have their photos and biographies added to the site so you can get to know them better. The special guests will have their photos with their postings.

We'll start out five days a week, and then move to daily postings once we get some momentum going.

I look forward to your feedback on this blog, and if you would like to be a contributor, please write me ([email protected]) with some background about you and the topic that you would like to share. Oh, one more thing. I still would like to title this blog, but nothing is coming to mind just yet. If you have a suggestion, I would love to hear it.

Happy Reading and Discussing.....
Carol Fitzgerald