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Critical Praise

"Romantic, erudite, and suspenseful… Harkness attends to every scholarly and emotional detail with whimsy, sensuality, and humor."

O, The Oprah Magazine

"A Discovery of Witches, a thoroughly grown-up novel packed with gorgeous historical detail, has a gutsy, brainy heroine to match: Diana Bishop, a renowned scholar of 17th-century chemistry and a descendant of accomplished witches.… Harkness writes with thrilling gusto about the magical world. Whether she's describing a yoga class for witches, daemons, and vampires or Diana's benignly haunted house, it's a treat to suspend disbelief.… As the mysteries started to unravel, the pages turned faster, almost as if on their own. By the most satisfying end, Harkness had made me a believer."

—Karen Valby, Entertainment Weekly

"Harkness conjures up a scintillating paranormal story.… Discover why everyone's talking about this magical book."

USA Today

"A debut novel with a big supernatural canvas.… Its ambitions are world-sized, ranging across history and zeroing in on DNA, human and otherwordly. Age-old tensions between science and magic and between evolution and alchemy erupt as Diana seeks to unlock the secrets of Ashmole 782."

Los Angeles Times

"A wonderfully imaginative grown-up fantasy with all the magic of Harry Potter or Twilight… An irresistible tale of wizardry, science and forbidden love, A Discovery of Witches will leave you longing for the sequel."