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Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive

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Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive

At 28, Stephanie Land turned to housekeeping to make ends meet. With a tenacious grip on her dream to provide her daughter the very best life possible, Stephanie worked days and took classes online to earn a college degree, and began to write relentlessly. She wrote the true stories that weren't being told: the stories of overworked and underpaid Americans. Of living on food stamps to eat. Of the government programs that provided her housing, but that doubled as halfway houses. The aloof government employees who called her lucky for receiving assistance. She wrote to remember the fight, to eventually cut through the deep-rooted stigmas of the working poor. MAID explores the underbelly of upper-middle-class America and the reality of what it's like to be in service to them.

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Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive
by Stephanie Land

  • Publication Date: January 21, 2020
  • Genres: Memoir, Nonfiction, Social Sciences
  • Paperback: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Hachette Books
  • ISBN-10: 0316505099
  • ISBN-13: 9780316505093


The following winners will each receive 12 copies of the book for their book group:

Elizabeth from Concord, CA
Jeanette from Cheboygan, MI
Katherine from Havertown, PA
Kim from Windsor Heights, IA
Rebecca from Highlands Ranch, CO
The following winners will each receive one copy of the book:
Carol from Henrico, NC
Debbie from Zionsville, IN
Donalene from Cleveland Heights, OH
Donna from Grand Rapids, MI
Joni from Geneva, OH
Karylee from San Diego, CA
Linda from Mandeville, LA
Sue from Jupiter, FL
Susan from Cookeville, TN
Vickie from Simpsonville, SC