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Archives - March 2004

Interview: Mary McGarry Morris, author of A Hole in the Universe

Mar 18, 2004

Q: Where did the idea for the novel originate? What research was required in terms of understanding Gordon's experience inside and outside of prison?

MMM: I was fascinated by the idea of culpability and guilt. How does so ordinary and decent a man as Gordon Loomis become involved in a murder and then how does he live with the consequences? How does he rationalize the wrong? Can he return to any kind of normal living? Beyond the nuts-and-bolts research, I did what a novelist does, I put myself in Gordon Loomis's head and heart.

Interview: Laurie Albanese, author of Blue Suburbia: Almost a Memoir

Mar 1, 2004

Q: Is Blue Suburbia a real town, a state of mind, or simply a clever phrase you created?