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Lynn Austin


Lynn Austin

Lynn Austin has sold more than one and a half million copies of her books worldwide. A former teacher who now writes and speaks full-time, she has won eight Christy Awards for her historical fiction and was one of the first inductees into the Christy Award Hall of Fame. One of her novels, HIDDEN PLACES, was made into a Hallmark Channel Original Movie. Lynn and her husband have three grown children and make their home in western Michigan.

Books by Lynn Austin

by Lynn Austin - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Historical Fiction

For fans of bestselling WWII fiction comes a powerful novel from Lynn Austin about three women whose lives are instantly changed when the Nazis invade the neutral Netherlands, forcing each into a complicated dance of choice and consequence.

by Lynn Austin - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Romance

In the aftermath of the Civil War, Josephine Weatherly and her mother, Eugenia, struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives when they return to their Virginia plantation. Josephine soon realizes that life is now a matter of daily survival --- and recognizes that Lizzie, as one of the few remaining servants, is the one she must rely on to teach her all she needs to know. Josephine's mother, too, vows to rebuild White Oak...but a bitter hatred fuels her.

by Lynn Austin - Christian, Fiction

Violet schemed her way to Chicago to discover the mother she barely remembered. As for romance… with the help of her grandmother and three great aunts, that is coming along nicely as well --- perhaps too well. Each of her relatives, including her saintly grandmother, seems to have a separate agenda for her. In the course of a summer, Violet's world will open wide before her eyes.

by Lynn Austin - Christian, Historical Fiction

They watched their sons, their brothers, and their husbands enlist to fight a growing menace across the seas.

And when their nation asked, they answered the call as well...

Virginia longs to find a purpose beyond others' expectations

Helen is driven by a loneliness money can't fulfill

Rosa is desperate to flee her in-laws' rules

Jean hopes to prove herself in a man's world