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Ginny Aiken


Ginny Aiken

Former newspaper reporter Ginny Aiken discovered books at a very early age, writing her first novel at age fifteen. She is the author of the Silver Hills Trilogy, the Deadly Décor Mysteries, and PRICED TO MOVE. A frequent speaker at women’s events and writers’ conferences, Ginny lives with her husband in Columbia, Pennsylvania. Check out her website at to find out more about her, her books, and contest offers.

Ginny Aiken

Books by Ginny Aiken

by Ginny Aiken - Christian

It Was Supposed to Be a Simple Trip...

When gemologist Andie Adams gets a chance to go to the Kashmir region of Pakistan for a mission trip, she jumps at the opportunity to spearhead the efforts. But her boss at the S.T.U.D. home shopping network wants to turn the trip into another on-location shoot for the station. And that means Andie's hunky but irritating co-host Max is part of the deal --- can't a girl get a break?