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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Veil of Doubt

1. The story begins with the suspicion of foul play in the death of Emily’s child, Maud. How do you think this initial suspicion sets the tone for the rest of the book?

2. What are the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by Powell Harrison when deciding whether to take Emily Lloyd’s case?

3. How does the setting of a small town in Virginia impact the events and characters in the story? How does the community’s mindset affect the outcome of the case?

4. In a society where women had limited rights and were often at the mercy of men, how do you view the treatment of Emily Lloyd throughout the story?

5. What roles do Lilith and Lara play in the story?

6. Powell made a bold decision in how to ultimately plead the case. If Powell had not changed his initial plea strategy, how do you think this would have played out?

7. How do the various legal and procedural challenges, such as the graveside autopsies of the children’s bodies and the prosecution’s failure to share evidence, impact the trial and the pursuit of justice?

8. Emily’s relationship with Dr. Randy Moore is a central plot point. How does their relationship evolve throughout the story, and what significance does it hold?

9. Does the final reveal impact your interpretation of the events in the story?

10. The book explores themes of justice, mental illness and the limitations of human understanding. How does the story’s conclusion, with Emily’s acquittal, address these themes, and what message does it convey about the pursuit of justice?

Veil of Doubt
by Sharon Virts