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Critical Praise

“Elise Hooper’s thoroughly modern debut gives a fresh take on one of literature’s most beloved families. To read this book is to understand why the women behind LITTLE WOMEN continue to cast a long shadow on our imaginations and dreams. Hooper is a writer to watch!”

—Elisabeth Egan, author of A WINDOW OPENS

“Elise Hooper’s debut novel, THE OTHER ALCOTT, is a delightful, moving book about the strength of women, the impetus of creativity and the indelible bond between sisters. If you loved LITTLE WOMEN (or even if you didn’t), this engaging take on the real-life relationship between the Alcott sisters will fascinate and inspire. More than ever, we need books like this --- in celebration of a woman overlooked by history, one whose story helps shed light on our own contemporary search for love, identity and meaning.”

—Tara Conklin, New York Times bestselling author of THE HOUSE GIRL

“In THE OTHER ALCOTT, Elise Hooper has crafted a sweeping and deeply personal tale of a young woman’s struggle to emerge out of her famous sister’s shadow and define herself as an artist and an independent adventurer. You will never look at LITTLE WOMEN or the Alcott family the same way again.”

—Laurie Lico Albanese, author of STOLEN BEAUTY

“An atmospheric and engaging read, THE OTHER ALCOTT widens the Alcott family spotlight to position the charismatic, artistic May as a rightful equal to famed Louisa. Hooper skillfully draws the reader into the complicated, competitive dynamic between two sisters determined to master their work and love each other.”