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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

The Last Night in London

1. What do you think of the ultimate sacrifices both Eva and Precious make? In their position, would you have lived life the way they did?

2. Both Eva and Precious try to change their lives by moving to London --- Eva also changes her name and her whole identity. Why do you think they chose to reinvent themselves? Was it in part owing to the time period? Their stations in life? Or their hopes for their future?

3. Eva and Precious have to make very difficult decisions --- decisions that betray the dearest person to each of their hearts. Do you sympathize with them about the decisions they made? Or do you think they could have made different choices?

4. Maddie has a hard time facing the truth. Do you think she addressed her dilemma in a way that others would have? What words of encouragement would you have given her?

5. What is it about war --- especially World War II --- that causes us to reflect on the human condition?

6. Why do you think Precious wanted the truth to finally be told? After all those years, why did she want the secrets to be revealed?

7. For most of her life, Eva lived a lie. Who do you think Eva hurt most by living this way? Or do you think she didn’t hurt anyone at all? Did she even hurt herself?

8. Maddie has to deal with the possibility of dying young from cancer, as her mother did, and doesn’t want to have any serious relationships because of her fear. Do you agree with the choices she makes based upon this fear?

9. The things that separated Eva from Graham were very hard to bridge, especially in England before World War II: money, social class, education, family background. Do you think their relationship would have survived if Eva had told Graham the truth about her identity?

10. Do you think Colin’s response to Maddie’s fears is adequate? Do you believe that he is sincere in his promises to her?

The Last Night in London
by Karen White