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Critical Praise

"Masterful…a reader receives the great gift of entering not one but several worlds…The final pages haunt me still."

San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

"Rich…impassioned…engrossing…Politics and art dominate the novel, and their overt, unapologetic connection is refreshing."

Chicago Tribune

"[Kingsolver] hasn’t lost her touch. With this rich, sprawling saga set in Mexico and the U.S. over decades, she delivers her signature blend of exotic locale, political backdrop and immediately engaging story line...this inventive novel teems with dark beauty."


"Breathtaking...dazzling...The Lacuna can be enjoyed sheerly for the music of its passages on nature, archaeology, food and friendship; or for its portraits of real and invented people; or for its harmonious choir of voices. But the fuller value of Kingsolver’s novel lies in its call to conscience and connection. She has mined Shepherd’s richly imagined history to create a tableau vivant of epochs and people that time has transformed almost past recognition. Yet it’s a tableau vivant whose story line resonates in the present day... Kingsolver gives voice to truths whose teller could express them only in silence."

New York Times Book Review