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Lisa Gardner, author of Still See You Everywhere

The case was sensational. Kaylee Pierson had confessed from the very beginning. Despite the media’s chronicling of her childhood spent with a violent father, no one could find sympathy for “the Beautiful Butcher” who had led 18 men home from bars before viciously slitting their throats. Twelve years ago, Pierson’s five-year-old sister, Leilani, went missing in Hawaii, and the main suspect was Pierson’s ex-boyfriend. Now, with only three weeks left to live, Pierson has finally received a lead on her sister’s whereabouts. Frankie Elkin takes on Pierson’s request to find Leilani on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific. In order to learn the truth and possibly save a young woman’s life, Frankie must go undercover at the isolated base camp.