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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

She's Not Sorry

* Warning: May contain spoilers

1. What did you think of the relationship between Meghan and her daughter, Sienna?

2. If you were in Meghan’s shoes, how would you have handled running into an old high school friend in need? Would you have helped her, even at the risk of your own safety?

3. As Caitlin’s true nature was revealed, how did you feel about Mr. and Mrs. Beckett? Did you feel empathy for them as parents, or something else? How did you feel about Caitlin?

4. In Part Two of SHE'S NOT SORRY, Meghan is forced to make a decision about the fate of another character in order to save herself. Did you think her actions were justified, or did you want Meghan to be held accountable for the choices she made?

5. The ending of the book is open to interpretation. How knowledgeable about or involved in what ultimately happened do you think Ben was? What do you think becomes of Meghan and Sienna when the story ends?

6. How does the author explore the concept of fear in the narrative and its effect on the characters?

7. Reflect on the subject of forgiveness. Do you think everyone deserves it? What actions do you feel are unforgiveable?

8. Were you caught off guard by the twist, or were you able to see clues in the novel leading up to it?

9. Which character do you think the title refers to? What do you think she is not sorry for?

She's Not Sorry
by Mary Kubica