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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

My Foolish Heart: A Deep Haven Novel

1. At the beginning of the story, Issy is showing symptoms of what disorder? Have you ever had something so consume your life that you felt trapped? What helped you or would help you overcome that fear?

2. Issy has a rather unusual “work from home” job. Have you ever called in to a radio or television show? What do you think about online communities like the one Issy has formed? What are their benefits and dangers?

3. Issy has a Top 10 list for her ideal man. Do you think that’s a good idea? Why or why not? What characteristics might be on your Top 10 list?

4. Lucy can’t believe it when Seb, her high school sweetheart, shows up in town. Have you ever been surprised by someone from your past? When and where? How did it affect you, if at all?

5. Caleb wants to prove himself despite his disability. Have you ever felt as if the cards were stacked against you and you had to prove yourself? How did you handle that situation?

6. Seb returns home, hoping to relive his glory years. But some things aren’t as glamorous as he remembered. What parts of your past would you like to relive? What would you gladly never repeat?

7. Issy runs from Caleb when she first sees him. Have you ever been ashamed by your reaction to something or someone? What did you do about it?

8. Caleb gets desperate and asks for the advice of a radio host. Where have you gone for relationship help? Looking back, do you think you were given good advice?

9. In Chapter 14, Pastor Dan points out that Caleb has been unwilling to continually accept grace, as Peter refused to let Jesus wash his feet. Have you ever been like Caleb and found God’s grace difficult to accept? Why?

10. Lucy and Issy are best friends, but Lucy hid the full truth of her past with Seb from Issy. Why? Would you have hidden such a secret from your best friend? Why or why not?

11. Near the end of the story, Seb and Lucy are able to come to terms with their past and are set free to start over. Is there any relationship you would like to start over with? What is keeping you from doing so?

12. Why is Caleb upset when he discovers that Issy is Miss Foolish Heart (as Issy is when she discovers BoyNextDoor’s identity)? Have you ever felt exposed or betrayed? How did you respond?

13. Caleb’s worst fear comes true when his secret is revealed in the middle of the pivotal football game. How would you have reacted in that situation?

14. Issy has let her fears create unnecessary distance between her and her father. Have you ever been estranged from a family member? Have you mended those bridges? If not, what holds you back?

15. What truth does Issy come to realize that helps her break free from her fears? Do you agree with what she learned? How could you apply the same truth to your life?

My Foolish Heart: A Deep Haven Novel
by Susan May Warren

  • Publication Date: April 18, 2011
  • Genres: Christian, Romance
  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
  • ISBN-10: 1414334826
  • ISBN-13: 9781414334820