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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Love, Rosie (Rosie Dunne)

1. Rosie and Alex friends from childhood. How did your earliest friends affect your life? How does their friendship compare to yours? How does Rosie present herself to Alex, and he to her?

2. As Rosie and Alex get older, their friendship changes. What changes their friendship--age, love, distance, being of the opposite sex?

3. How does Cecelia Ahern tell this story? Why might an author choose this narrative style? What are some of the advantages of this type of narrative? What other type of narration could be used?
Explore whether or not this (these) would have been as effective, and why.

4. Do you have long distance friends? How hard/easy is this? How do you think the physical separation between Rosie and Alex affected their relationship?

5. Do you think the setting of the story makes an impact? Do you think Rosie's story would be different if she was born and raised in the United States?

6. Do you think the intimacy of Rosie and Alex's relationship with each other meant that they were emotionally cheating on their spouses? Do you think people need to explain these type of close friendships to others?

7. How does instant messaging affect the storytelling? What do these exchanges add to your understanding of the characters? How does this connection affect their otherwise long-distance relationship?

8. Think about Alex's love letter to Rosie that Rosie doesn't find til much later. What would have happened if Rosie found the letter immediately?

9. Looking at Chapter 20, share whether or not you agree with Phil when he tells Alex, "don't be the prick that tries to break up her marriage. She'll never forgive you for that."

10. Rosie and Alex love each other, but it takes them a long time to realize that the feeling is mutual. Can a man and a woman just be friends? Would you tell your best friend that you loved them? What risks are involved? And are they worth it?

11. How does family affect Rosie and Alex's life? How do her friends and acquaintances play a role? How did they, knowingly and unknowingly, change the course of her life? Is it fate or coincidence that brings people in and out of their lives?

Love, Rosie (Rosie Dunne)
by Cecelia Ahern

  • Publication Date: January 1, 2006
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Paperback: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Hyperion
  • ISBN-10: 0786890762
  • ISBN-13: 9780786890767