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Paul Huljich


Paul Huljich

Paul Huljich co-founded Best Corporation, a pioneering organic foods company of which he was Chairman and Joint-CEO. In leading the company to great success, during which its value grew to more than $100 million, he eventually developed a number of severe stress-related conditions. Ultimately, he was diagnosed by several psychiatrists in 1998 as suffering from bipolar disorder as a result of years of unchecked stress. That year, he experienced a full nervous breakdown, losing his rights as a citizen and being made a ward of the state.

Despite seeking the best care available Huljich was informed that there was no cure and that he would inevitably relapse. Determined to free himself of his conditions, he began a comprehensive search for answers. He traveled to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and admitted himself to the Menninger Clinic in Kansas. Aided by exhaustive research, Huljich ultimately succeeded in mastering stress, overcoming his conditions and achieving a healthy, positive way of life by developing and implementing his nine-step overall wellness plan.

Since the year 2000, Huljich has not taken any medication related to his conditions, suffered any relapse nor needed any further treatment regarding any kind of mental illness. He has fully cured himself and he has never felt better. Huljich shares his personal story and path to recovery in Stress Pandemic: The Lifestyle Solution, 9 Natural Steps to Survive, Master Stress and Live Well (July 2012, Mwella Publishing).

His previous book, Betrayal of Love and Freedom, a novel based in part on his experiences, addresses the subject of mental wellness. He has been featured in Psychology Today, interviewed by more than 100 radio shows nationwide, had numerous television appearances and featured in more than 120 newspapers.

Paul is the father of three sons: Mark, Simon and Richard. He resides in New York City for most of the year and visits his homeland, New Zealand, regularly.

Paul Huljich

Books by Paul Huljich

by Paul Huljich - Diet, Fitness, Health, Nonfiction

Written for the growing number of people wishing to free themselves of mild, moderate or severe stress, Stress Pandemic draws upon organic food pioneer Paul Huljich’s experience with stress-related illness, outlining a practical and effective approach to beating stress and achieving complete wellness.