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Marjan Kamali


Marjan Kamali

Marjan Kamali, born in Turkey to Iranian parents, spent her childhood in Kenya, Germany, Turkey, Iran and the United States. She holds degrees from UC Berkeley, Columbia University and New York University. She is the 2022 recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Award. She is the author of THE LION WOMEN OF TEHRAN, THE STATIONERY SHOP and TOGETHER TEA. Marjan lives with her husband in the Boston area. They have two children.

Books by Marjan Kamali

by Marjan Kamali - Fiction, Women's Fiction

This poignant, heartfelt novel by the award-nominated author of TOGETHER TEA --- extolled by the Wall Street Journal as a “moving tale of lost love” and by Shelf Awareness as “a powerful, heartbreaking story” --- explores loss, reconciliation and the quirks of fate.