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Kate Willard


Kate Willard

Katie Willard was born in Western Massachusetts and educated at Dartmouth College, where she blissfully studied everything, but especially English literature. After Dartmouth, she attended Harvard Law School for the less-than-sound reason that she got in. She practiced law in Boston for a few mercifully brief years, quitting when the best job in the world - being a stay-at-home mom to her daughter Zoe - came along.

An life-long avid reader, Katie dreamed of writing a book in the same way a person who sings in the shower imagines appearing on Broadway. She surprised herself when she enrolled in a writers' workshop and started singing outside the shower, so to speak. She wrote her first novel, Raising Hope, during the course of the workshop.

Katie wrote Raising Hope for the woman her daughter one day will become. She continues to be utterly astounded that the project she began as a sort of love letter to her daughter has become an actual book.

Katie lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts with her husband and daughter, where she enjoys tending her child, her garden and her writing.

Kate Willard

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