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Jody Shields


Jody Shields

Jody Shields is the author of THE FIG EATER, THE CRIMSON PORTRAIT and THE WINTER STATION. Formerly Design Editor of the New York Times magazine and a Contributing Editor of American Vogue, Shields is also a screenwriter and a collected artist. She is a resident of New York City.

Jody Shields

Books by Jody Shields

by Jody Shields - Fiction

Spring 1915. On a sprawling country estate not far from London a young woman mourns her husband, fallen on the battlefields of what has been declared the first World War...
But the isolated and eerie stillness in which she grieves is shattered when her home is transformed into a bustling military hospital to serve the war's most irreparably injured.

by Jody Shields - Fiction, Thriller

When a young woman's body is discovered in the summer of 1910 Vienna, the Inspector's wife is certain the figs found in her stomach during the autopsy are the clue to the identity of the murderer--for there are no fresh figs in Vienna at this time of year.