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Garth Stein


Garth Stein

Garth Stein is the author of the New York Times bestselling novel THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN, published in 35 languages. He is also the author of two previous novels, HOW EVAN BROKE HIS HEAD AND OTHER SECRETS and RAVEN STOLE THE MOON. He lives in Seattle with his family.

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Books by Garth Stein

by Garth Stein - Fiction, Mystery, Supernatural

In the summer of 1990, 14-year-old Trevor Riddell gets his first glimpse of Riddell House. The legendary mansion is built of giant, whole trees, and Trevor’s father --- in a trial separation with his wife --- wants to sell it. Trevor soon discovers the ghost burdened by the final wishes of the Riddell patriarch, Elijah: that the mansion is returned to untamed forestland as penance for the trees harvested by the Riddell Timber Company. Trevor’s willingness to face the past holds the key to his family’s future.

by Garth Stein - Fiction

Enzo relays the story of his family --- which includes race car driver Denny, wife Eve and daughter Zoë --- who face being torn apart when Eve becomes ill. While struggling to hold them together, Enzo refines his plans to be reincarnated as a human. After all, being a dog severely limits his ability to express his huge heart and soaring soul to those he loves most.