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Deborah Smith


Deborah Smith

Deborah Smith is the nationally bestselling, award-winning author of 31 novels in romance, women's fiction, and general list fiction. Her 1996 novel, A Place to Call Home, made the New York Times list. There are currently over 2 million copies of her books in print. She calls her novels "big, romantic, southern family stories." She made publishing news last year for signing a 7-figure contract with Little, Brown & Company, New York.

Her current novels are On Bear Mountain (Little, Brown), THE STONE FLOWER GARDEN (Little, Brown), and Alice at Heart, a southern literary fantasy, from BelleBooks. She's a sixth-generation native Georgian and lives in the north Georgia mountains with her husband, four cats, three dogs, and way too many giant goldfish. She acts as editorial director for BelleBooks.

Deborah Smith

Books by Deborah Smith

by Deborah Smith

Quiet, mysterious, web-toed Alice Riley has long been the black sheep of her mother's self-righteous family. When Alice rescues a drowning girl in the freezing water of Lake Riley, high in the Georgia Appalachians, her unusual abilities are exposed. Alice can remain underwater for extraordinary periods of time and locate submerged objects. She also realizes that through some natural telepathic ability she can link minds with strangers, particularly salvage diver Griffin Randolph. Alice sends a message to Griffin across the Atlantic, also saving him from a drowning accident.