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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

White Truffles in Winter

1.    If you were to create a dish for someone you love, what would it be? What elements would you include and why?

2.    Delphine wonders to herself "what it was like to be Sabine, so beautiful but with polio. Flawed and broken." How do you think having polio has shaped Sabine's personality and outlook?

3.    How are Delphine and Sarah different? Do they have any traits in common? What do you think attracts Escoffier to each of them?

4.    Did your opinion of Sarah change over the course of the novel? Why?

5.    How do you think Escoffier's Catholic faith shaped him? In light of his infidelity, were you surprised to learn how devout he was?

6.    Why does Delphine refuse to live with Escoffier when he relocates to London? How would you feel if you were in her position? Would you act differently?

7.    What role does the mysterious "Mr. Boots" play in Delphine and Escoffier's relationship?

8.    What motivates Escoffier to play matchmaker with Sabine and Bobo? Why does he think they are suited to each other?

9.    Were you surprised by how much love exists between Delphine and Escoffier despite the way their marriage was arranged and the many years they spent apart?

10.How do the various characters use food to express or convey emotion? Did reading Escoffier's story make you reconsider your own relationship with food?

White Truffles in Winter
by N. M. Kelby