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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

When the Smoke Clears: Deadly Reunions, Book 1

1. Alexia tends to avoid anything to do with her past. Only now she's coming home to face it. She's scared and nervous bit determined. What about you? Do you have something from your past you need to face?

2. Hunter never forgot the girl from high school. Alexia had intrigued him from the first moment he saw her. Only she left and he moved on. Now she's back. And wrapped up in the murder of her ex boyfriend. And Hunter's brother has decided to hit on Alexia. What do think about Alexia’s decision to be friendly to Chad?

3. As soon as Alexia gets home, she finds Devin, is accused of murder and her best friend gets shipped off to China. She has no support system. Except Hunter and his brother Chad. Don't you think it odd that Alexia latches on to Hunter, the one who has turned to God, Instead of Chad who believes more along the lines of what Alexia believes? That God exists, but doesn’t have much interest in his life?

4. What do you think about God’s interest in your life? Do you think He cares what’s going on with you?

5. What was your favorite character and why?

6. What was your favorite scene and why?

7. What do you think about Alexia’s perspective of her mother? Were you surprised to learn why Alexia’s mother kicked Alexia out of the house ten years ago?

8. Hunter loves his brother but doesn’t allow Chad to walk over him. He wants to help Chad, but doesn’t want to enable him. It’s a fine line to walk and Hunter worries he’s doing the wrong thing when it comes to helping Chad. What do you think? Do you know anyone like Chad? Have you ever been in Hunter’s shoes? What did you do?

9. What did you think about Dominic showing up toward the end of the story? Did that surprise you? Did you think he was a rat for staying out of Alexia’s life for the past ten years or did you understand his situation?

10. What did you think about Hunter’s plan to prove Chad wasn’t the one trying to kill Alexia? Should he have set Chad up like that? Or should he have figured out a different way to prove his brother’s innocence?

When the Smoke Clears: Deadly Reunions, Book 1
by Lynette Eason