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Critical Praise

"Evocative, descriptive, emotionally honest, and often funny."

——Christian Science Monitor

"An instant classic…A pure joy to read."

——Washington Post Book World

"An inspirational oasis…From the barren land, Feiler emerges, like those whose paths he traces, renewed and transformed."


"An exciting, well-told story informed by Feiler’s boundless intellectual curiosity...[and] sense of adventure."

——Miami Herald

"Feiler, not unlike Mark Twain, brings a sharp sense of humor to the whole endeavor."

——Los Angeles Times

"A powerful and spiritual pilgrimage…in every way, marvelous if not indispensable reading for anyone remotely interested in the Torah."

——Chicago Sun-Times

"[Feiler] is an excellent guide...He has...invested [this book] with a keen intellectual curiosity."

——New York Times

"Smart and savvy, insightful and illuminating."

——Los Angeles Times

"Bruce Feiler went looking for proof. He learned that proof doesn’t matter."

——USA Today

"A work of magic...[succeeds] in making the Bible exciting."

——Angelican Herald

"Goren and Feiler make for two of the most entertaining traveling buddies since Bob Hope and Bing Crosby."

——San Francisco Jewish Bulletin

"Feiler’s accomplishment, and it’s a profound one, is to confront his idea of God..."

——San Francisco Chronicle

"The perfect read for people who are interested in the Bible and the middle East."

——Jerusalem Post

"An enthusiastic travelogue…Feiler delivers a wealth of information in an accessible and entertaining format."

——New York Times Book Review

"An eloquently spiritual pilgrimage."

——Entertainment Weekly