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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Waiting for Sunrise: A Cedar Key Novel

1. Did you have a favorite character in Waiting for Sunrise? If so, who? Why?

2. In may ways, both Bernice and Gilbert represent Christ. In what ways do you see this as being true? What other characters represent Christ or do you see as having been strategically placed in the lives of both Patsy and Billy?

3. Why do you feel Bernice initially was not able to leave her husband to save herself and her sons (or Patsy)?

4. What eventually gave her the strength to do so?

5. How is it that Billy and Harold grew up in the same home yet had such different life stories?

6. Why do you think Patsy was so attracted to Gil? What was the author’s point in having her “bump into him” on the bus?

7. Patsy suffered from PTSD and abandonment issues, two things not commonly heard of in “her day.” What do you know about these illnesses/conditions?

8. Why did Billy want Ira Liddle’s name off his birth certificate?

9. How had Patsy’s life experiences led her to advise her brother Lloyd about leaving his wife “alone”? What did this reveal about her?

10. Why do you feel the author allowed Bernice to die before Patsy could find her again? How might the ending have been different had she been alive?

Waiting for Sunrise: A Cedar Key Novel
by Eva Marie Everson