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Critical Praise

"Remarkable….More than a mere murder story, Under the Snow is a fine presentation of the tensions of life in an isolated village. "

———Ken Wisneski, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Engrossing…great fun…plenty of satisfying revelations and a deft solution. "

———Margot Livesey, The New York Times Book

Review "[Ekman’s] style is so spare and clear…that when the reader realizes how complex the setup really is it’s almost shocking. "

———The New Yorker

"A satisfying yarn…Ekman evokes the dreary, open yet stifling environment with skill, smoothly layering clues and hints, leading the way to a tense and chilling finale. "

———Peter Handel, San Francisco Chronicle

"Stark, moody…Ekman’s understanding of Sami culture and her portrait of the two Swedish investigators take the novel far beyond a genre entertainment. "

———Sandra Scofield, Newsday