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Critical Praise

"[Mitchard] perfectly understands women’s insecurities and the minutiae of daily spats. She wrings tension out of every sharp word and awkward hug."


"Jacquelyn Mitchard brings her pitch-perfect rendering of human relationships to her new novel."

Seattle Times

"Mitchard is a keen observer of the ebbs and flows of daily life."

Chicago Sun-Times

"Seductively voyeuristic."

Rocky Mountain News

"The author of The Deep End of the Ocean delivers once again … in [a] story about a middle-aged woman’s complicated second marriage …Mitchard infuses the courtship and domestic life with gentle humor. [Her] characters …resonate with distinctive voices as Mitchard explores the intimate details involved in making a family work."

Publishers Weekly

"A perfect choice for the beach."

Capital Times (Madison, WI)

"Mitchard has established herself as a master of literary chiaroscuro."

Entertainment Weekly

"Entertaining and absorbing."

Chattanooga Times Free Press

"Mitchard’s writing is vivid and absorbing."

Capital Times (Madison, WI)

"Mitchard writes seductively, and sometimes with breathtaking honesty, about insecurity and self-absorption, love and lust, family and friendship."

Boston Herald