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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

This Time Next Year

1. The novel begins on New Year’s Eve, and also follows Minnie and Quinn throughout the years on that particular day. What implications does New Year’s have for the two of them? On what occasions have their paths almost crossed, and what did you make of their first meeting in the present of the story?

2. Though they are born on the same day within minutes of each other, Minnie’s and Quinn’s lives take very different courses. Discuss the ways the moments before and after they were born go on to dictate their lives.

3. What role do Minnie’s and Quinn’s parents play in both the past and present of the story? How do past grudges become reconciled?

4. Aside from meeting Quinn, Minnie’s life undergoes a lot of change in the romance, career and friendship departments. What are the main conflicts in each of these aspects of her life? How do they help Minnie redefine herself and ultimately bring her life back to order?

5. Discuss how Minnie’s relationship with Quinn differs from her relationship with Greg? Similarly, how did Quinn’s previous relationships foster his commitment issues, and how does Minnie help him work through them?

6. How do the meetings at Hampstead Heath help cultivate Minnie and Quinn’s love? How do they become turning points in their relationship? Discuss the meaning of this place for them both, and the power of place in general in bringing people together.

7. What can Minnie and Quinn’s coming together tell us about fate and destiny when it comes to love? To what extent do we have to also shape that future ourselves?

8. What do you think is in the future for Minnie and Quinn? How do you suspect their outlook on New Year’s changes when they get together?

9. Where do you want to be this time next year?

This Time Next Year
by Sophie Cousens