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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

The Wicked Widow: A Wicked City Novel

1. Had you read the previous novels in the Wicked City series? What were you expecting --- or hoping --- would happen in this latest installment?

2. Aunt Julie tells Ella that “...she chose you...Gin. The Redhead. You were the one she picked. God knows why.” Is she onto something? Why do you think Gin picked Ella?

3. Talk about the alliances between the women in this novel. How do women help women --- like Rainbow and Ella, or Ruth Mae and Gin? What about Julie Schuyler, whose long life means that she has forged relationships with both Gin and Ella?

4. What do you make of Therese Marshall’s sudden end? Did her last conversation with Gin foreshadow what was about to happen? Why do you think Beatriz Williams chose to kill her off?

5. Gin tells Anson that Louella “knew exactly what she was doing then, and she knows exactly what she’s doing now. I don’t know how you can think of trusting her again.” Should Anson have listened? Why did he give Louella the benefit of the doubt? How might things have been different if he had been more suspicious of Louella?

6. What did you make of Joseph Bronstein, a.k.a. Christopher? Was he worthy of Gin’s trust? Were you surprised by the twists and turns his character took?

7. Did you suspect who Gin’s father might be? Were you satisfied with the way that mystery was resolved? How does connecting with him change Gin’s life?

8. When Gin returns the stolen bonds to Mrs. Hardcastle, the lady tells her, “Consider you have a favor owed to you, whenever you choose to ask for it. This family always pays its debts.” What kind of favor might Gin ask? Or would it be wiser to steer clear of the Hardcastles for good?

9. What did you think when Aunt Julie announces triumphantly that she’s found the Bronstein files and “Those Hardcastles aren’t going to know what hit them!” What’s in the files? Should they pursue it, even knowing that Patrick was probably targeted for digging too close to the truth about the Hardcastles? What would you do?

10. What do you think happens to Gin and Anson in the years after this story ends? Are you hoping for another Wicked City novel?

The Wicked Widow: A Wicked City Novel
by Beatriz Williams