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Critical Praise

"Lush . . . a beautiful novel, richly evocative of time and place, ambitious in scope, and flawlessly written. "

——Sharon Oard Warner Dallas Morning News

"Lavishly written . . . Peery is charting the mutual distrust and mutual need of two nations and two national characters . . . She does it with fictional grace. "

——Richard Eder Los Angeles Times/Newsday

"Visionary . . . consistently engaging . . . There is a clear river that runs through every human being's life, and The River Beyond the World . . . is about two interesting women who spend their lives trying to find it. "

——Matthew Gilbert The Boston Globe

"Ms. Peery . . . ruminate[s] . . . on the mysteries of creation and loss, of forgiveness and love, of betrayal and what she calls the 'complexliving heart of grace. "

——Megan Harlan The New York Times Book Review