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Critical Praise

" Harriet Lerner pioneers on behalf of women's whole humanity. Each chapter in The Mother Dance is worth the price of admission. "

Gloria Steinem

" In The Mother Dance, there are no mistakes in parenting only learning experiences told with a great sense of humor. "

Benjamin Spock, M.D.

"Lerner writes with charm, precision and at times almost unbearable honesty about what motherhood is. This book shows us the way. "

Mary Pipher, Ph.D., author of Reviving Ophelia

" The Mother Dance is one of the wisest and most honest books on parenting I have read. As a parent myself, I ate up story after story, insight after insight. "

Thomas Moore, Ph.D., author of Care of the Soul and The Soul of Sex

" I love The Mother Dance; it's wonderful, true, touching, practical, spiritual, sanity saving, and I laughed out loud a number of times, with recognition, surprise and gratitude. "

Anne Lamott, author of Operating Instructions