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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

The Letters: The Inn at Eagle Hill, Book 1

1. This story begins and ends at moments when Rose Schrock meets the sunrise. The rising of the sun contains all sorts of symbolism. What does it mean to Rose?

2. How were concerns for family different for each of the characters? Rose Schrock? Her mother-in-law, Vera Schrock? Delia Stoltz? Even Galen King, Rose’s neighbor?

3. Several kind people end up playing significant roles in the Schrocks’ life. Who is your favorite and why?

4. Delia Stoltz tells her husband, Charles, that a sincere apology, even if the committed wrong was accidental, helps the victim get on with his or her life. Do you agree with her? Why does Delia believe that an apology holds that much power?

5. Vera Schrock believes that her family has finally returned to the right church. Rose has a different point of view --- she feels that she can worship God in any church. What are your thoughts?

6. Bethany has to learn a hard lesson: Jake Hertzler wasn’t the person she thought he was. Name someone in your life who has surprised you as you’ve gotten to know him or her --- in a good way or a bad way. What has that experience taught you?

7. The reader never learns the truth of how or why Dean Schrock died. What do you think --- was it an accident? Or did Dean take his own life?

8. In this first in the series, that uncertainty over Dean’s death lingered over many characters’ heads: Rose, Tobe, even Vera. What is the significance of living with unanswered questions?

9. One theme in this story is that God works through all things for good (Rom. 8:28). When have you seen his hand in your life, where something bad turned into something good?

The Letters: The Inn at Eagle Hill, Book 1
by Suzanne Woods Fisher