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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

The Lady's Mine

1. One of the questions the author was exploring as she wrote the book was “Can one person impact an entire community?” How do different characters try to influence the community of Calvada, for good or bad? What can we learn from their examples? How would you answer the author’s question?

2. Both Kathryn and Matthias are disinherited by their families. What were the reasons? How did they each handle the rejection? When Matthias reveals to Kathryn why his father disowned him, Kathryn responds with “God promises to finish the work in us.” What does this mean? Have you ever been rejected by someone you love? How did you handle it? What, if any, future do you see for Matthias and his father?

3. In what ways are Kathryn and City Walsh alike? Do you think personality traits can be inherited from family members? What was Kathryn able to accomplish that City Walsh was not?

4. Once Kathryn starts up the Voice, Matthias tries to warn her against writing inflammatory editorials. Do you agree with his advice that “too much truth at one time can hurt more than help”? Is Kathryn right that following one’s convictions and facing trouble seem to go together? Are there ways to create change without agitating others, or does change always cause upheaval?

5. Give some examples of restrictions women were under in 1875. Did any of these surprise you? Are there areas where women’s rights still fall short today? Or are there certain expectations or burdens placed on women that men don’t carry? In what ways should society strive for equality between genders? Or is it okay to allow for different roles based on a person’s strengths?

6. Is Kathryn wise or foolish in her dealings with Morgan Sanders? What signs of warning did she ignore? Have you ever put yourself in harm’s way? How and why? What avenue of escape did God give you? Did you use it? What did you learn from your experience?

7. Matthias turns to Reverend Thacker for help in convincing Kathryn to keep to a woman’s place in society. What does Thacker say about Adam and Eve? Is his sermon fair? How does Kathryn react? Were you as surprised by her reaction as Matthias was? What does she conclude about a woman’s role?

8. As a Southerner who fought for the North in the Civil War, Matthias has a unique perspective on victors and the vanquished. He muses: “Men lived not by what they were told, but by what they believed.” Do you agree with that idea? What does City tell Matthias about what people believe? (See chapter 17.) Where do you turn for the ultimate authority on truth? When you come in contact with those who have different views, how do you choose to interact?

9. Nabor Aday verbally abuses his wife, Abbie. How does she handle it? How do others respond when they observe this couple’s interactions? Do you think people today are more or less likely to speak up when they see abuse? What resources are available today for those in abusive situations?

10. Ronya tells Kathryn, “A woman needs to guard her heart and use her head when picking a husband.” What makes her say this? Do you agree with it? What other advice would you give?

11. City had a lot to say about regrets, including “Some decisions haunt you. You can change your mind, but you can’t go back.” Which characters are haunted by regrets? How do they respond? If they can’t go back, what can you do to keep moving forward?

12. Kathryn ponders this idea: “What a tangled mess men make when they try to play God.” What messes do various characters in this book make when “trying to play God”? Have you seen any examples of this in your own life? How were they resolved?

13. Widows in the past as well as today have many difficulties. Why did Fiona Hawthorne choose the path she took?

The Lady's Mine
by Francine Rivers