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Critical Praise

"It is rare to find a book written with such honesty, rarer still to find one that strikes at the heart of what is most rewarding in human experience: the knowledge that one has really lived, and lived meaningfully. This book is brave and heartfelt . . . [a] poignant and timely testimony to those values which transcend culture and circumstance. I hope it will become an inspiration to many others."

——Jason Elliott, author of An Unexpected Light: Travels in Afghanistan

"The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo is engaging, compassionate and inspirational . . . Paula Huntley's loving involvement with her students went far beyond teaching: she changed their lives, and they changed hers."

——Jeri Laber, a founder of Human Rights Watch and author of The Courage of Strangers

"Paula Huntley's journal is full of the rich details that make a place and a people spring to life off the page. This book is an important plea for Americans to become more involved in the wider world, but most of all it is a Hemingwayesque story of the extraordinary courage of ordinary people, trying to build lives of dignity and worth out of the rubble of poverty, hatred, and war."

——Dr. Susan F. Beegel, editor, The Hemingway Review

"This wonderful book is a story of love and transformation. Huntley is an excellent storyteller. . . . She writes with heart and intelligence, which is my definition of wisdom. Soon the reader is a member of The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo."

——Mary Pipher, author of Reviving Ophelia, Another Country, and The Middle of Everywhere

"Sometimes a small story tells a far larger one. Such is the case with The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo. Paula Huntley shows us the common humanity that can heal even the most terrible wounds."

——Ambassador Richard Holbrooke