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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

The Fiancée

1. Do you think Summer’s relationship with her in-laws is a typical one? If you have in-laws, what is your relationship with them like?

2. How much of Summer’s initial wariness about Hannah did you chalk up to jealousy? Do you think that jealousy can ever be a useful emotion?

3. Were you surprised to discover that the Keaton family wasn’t as picture-perfect as they seemed at first? Do you think most families aren’t what they seem at a glance?

4. It becomes clear that Claire has always been very protective of her sons. Do you think she went too far at times, or can you relate to what she did to protect her kids?

5. The Keaton boys’ relationships and places in the world seem very related to their birth order. How much do you think birth order determines our paths in life?

6. What could Summer have done differently to make the people around her more cautious after Claire’s death?

7. Were you surprised by who the killer turned out to be? Did you understand the killer’s motivation?

8. Do you feel that Summer saw herself more clearly at the end of the book?

9. By the book’s end, do you think that Summer and Gabe’s marriage was stronger for all they’d gone through?

The Fiancée
by Kate White