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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

The Director's Cut: Backstage Pass, Book 3

1. Tia Morales has some control issues. She has trouble letting go of the reins. Do you struggle with this issue in your life?

2. Hollywood is a fun backdrop for this quirky story. If you could set your “personal story” anywhere you like, where would it be and why?

3. Tia’s family members often embarrass her, but she loves them anyway. Can you relate?

4. Renovating her home almost proves to be Tia’s undoing. Have you ever faced a major home improvement project? If so, how did you cope?

5. Trusting God with the details is problematic for Tia. How do you “let go and let God?”

6. Tia and Jason are polar opposites in many ways, but still gravitate toward each other. Why do you suppose this is? Do opposites really attract?

7. Tia is partial to the colors black and gray (if one can call them colors). Why do you suppose this is? Are you partial to a particular color?

8. Tia’s “real world” and “fake/Hollywood world” collide when Kat goes into labor. Have you ever experienced something so fantastical that it seemed impossible in the moment?

9. Have you ever gone through the types of “father issues” that Tia faces? If so, how did you learn to forgive?

10. Tia prefers her work life to her home life. Have you ever felt the same way?

11. Like all cameramen, Jason views life through the eye of the camera. How does this limit him?

12. Tia has a somewhat competitive relationship with her sister, Benita. Have you ever experienced this in your own family?

13. Tia learns to release her fears to God and trust His plan for her life, her family and her home. How have you managed to do this?

The Director's Cut: Backstage Pass, Book 3
by Janice Thompson