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Critical Praise

"Ms. McCrumb writes with quiet fire and maybe a little mountain magic…She plucks the mysteries from people’s lives and works these dark narrative threads into Appalachian legends older than the hills. Like every true storyteller, she has the Sight."

The New York Times Book Review

"Sharyn McCrumb re-creates this time and place with such precision, the reader forgets that seventy-five years have passed since that faraway event in that isolated place where the outer world clashes with superstition and folklore. This is storytelling as those Celtic bards meant it to be: lyrical, haunting, and truly unforgettable."

—Cathie Pelletier, author of THE FUNERAL MAKERS and RUNNING THE BULLS

"Wow! Sharyn McCrumb is not just a writer --- in fact, she’s a conjurer, a genius, a wordsmith, an entertainer, a wit, a scholar, a wise woman, and a storyteller of the first rank. THE DEVIL AMONGST THE LAWYERS is flat-out brilliant and transcendent, a book that gets everything exactly right. Simply put, novels don’t come any better than this."


"THE DEVIL AMONGST THE LAWYERS is a superb novel that, once started, is so well written and so expertly researched that readers will find it impossible to put down. It is also a scathing indictment of how Appalachia has been, and continues to be, stereotyped by a supposedly objective media. Bravo!"

—Ron Rash, author of SERENA

"There are few writers today who are able to blend past and present, tradition and law, legends and headlines in a wholly credible fashion --- Tony Hillerman springs inevitably to mind. Sharyn McCrumb is another; her widely acclaimed Ballad Series is one of the finest being written today."


"McCrumb provides fresh evidence that there is no one quite like her among present-day writers. No one better, either."

San Diego Union-Tribune